TEN Capital Testimonials & Case Studies

From Past Clients

Patented Voice Platform and App

“TEN Capital helped us close out our Seed Round. They are responsive, helpful, professional and most of all, provided results.”

Garin Toren, ping

FinTech SaaS

“In my experience, Hall and his team understand both the capital need and investor fit for start ups. I highly recommend Ten Capital Network.”

Mark Prior, Qualtik

E-commerce Marketplace

“TEN Capital is well organized, and it was a pleasure to work with them, especially given the turbulent times.”

Joshua Leavitt, Yahyn by Puro Trader

Wireless Technology

“Your organization is one of the best run networks that I have been involved in, and I have been involved in many. What I find unique is your vision (unlike others) that focuses on the importance of introducing investors to entrepreneurs in a relaxed atmosphere with a clear understanding that investors really need to get to know entrepreneurs first, with their business before they would invest any of their money.”

Sajol Ghoshal, Cardi/o

BlueStar SeniorTech
Healthcare devices and services for seniors

“I was delighted with my experience with TEN. They were professional, smart, helpful, and organized. The whole process exceeded my expectations. I’d heartily recommend them to any other startup seeking early-stage funding.”

Robert Wray, BlueStar SeniorTech

LearnLounge Games Green Tools
Edtech startup raising Seed Round

“TEN Capital was a huge opportunity for us. They helped us get traction and get connected with the right people for us. I can honestly say partnering with TEN helped us get into one of the top programs in the nation regarding our industry. I’m forever thankful for their help and advice. Definitely worth the investment.”

Alejandro Magallanes, Learn Lounge

Creatify NFTs made simple
Direct to Consumer Company preparing for Reg A+

“Maximum ROI platform for investments, this was a no brainer for RageOn.com!”

Mike Krilivsky, RageON!


“I was pleasantly surprised at both the breadth and depth of the talks at the conference. Industry conferences that the two of us have previously been to have largely been thinly veiled sales exercises, but this one provided a genuinely interesting look at the regulatory and business landscape. I’m really happy that I got to attend.”

James Chainey, Peerless

Edtech startup raising Seed Round

“The process and experience was very positive and I don’t think there is anything that I would change. I would definitely work with you in the future.
I like that we get exposure to investors without having to constantly be on the road and taking coffee dates.”

Damon Torgerson, Alludo

Intelligent Surveillance Corp
Direct to Consumer Company preparing for Reg A+

“We found TEN Capital to be a great resource for our fundraise.”

David Buschhorn, Intelligent Surveillance Corporation

“We found investors through TEN Capital and found the program very helpful.”

Kim Folsom, Founders First Capital

Edtech startup raising Seed Round

“We found several great investors through your platform.”

Aaron Bergman, Golfinity

Digital Asset

“TEN helped us raise our seed funding.”

Dave Hendricks, Series X / Vertalo


“The program was effective in finding investors for my company.”

Jeremy Gabrysch, Remedy (carehive)

IoT / Energy

“The advice and introductions were valuable to our fundraise.”

Panos Adamopolous, Seismos

Enterprise SaaS

“We found great investors through TEN.”

Larry Warnock, Olono (insight sequared)


“I wish we had known about you earlier.”

Shaily Baranwal, Elevate K12

Playport Gaming Systems

“It’s been a pleasure working with you and your team. “

Marina Bogard, Playport

Enterprise and SEO SaaS

“It was a pleasure to work with TEN Capital on our raise.”


Tech, Software

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KiwiTech Case Study

From Our Investor Network

Family Office

“Just a quick note to thank you again for referring PreFix to us.  We just made an investment in the company.  We believe they are offering a fundamentally better homeowner experience than anything else in the market.  And we have strong conviction about [the CEO]. I really appreciate the referral. Please let me know if you see any others that may be a fit for us.”

Phil Nadel, Forefront Venture Partners

Entrepreneurship Program & Accelerator

“I’ve been really enjoying the e-guides you have on your website. I’ve been sitting down and reading one in its entirety every day. Yesterday evening I read the one on investing in startups…loved how you said angel investors were the new VCs and your reasoning behind that statement.

I’m committed to being a life-long learner, and since I am at the start of my professional career, I’ve gots to learn and an appetite to do so. Your e-guides, podcasts, etc. are easy to listen to/read. Thank you for making these available for people like me!”

Sarah Jennings, Beyond Angel Network, Cedarville University


“TEN Capital provided our portfolio company Allerguard connections to value-added investors. The investment platform provided by Ten Capital provided a structured approach for fundraising. As we close the round with Allerguard we look forward to using the platform to work with other portfolio companies during their future rounds of fundraising. As an Israeli based early-stage Venture Fund, we researched investment platforms to reach US investors for our portfolio company’s second round of raising capital. We found TEN Capital to be a solid partner in this effort. The connections, follow up and structure they provided allowed us to reach our goals.”

Steve Shapiro, eHealthVentures

MicroVC Fund

“We found investors through TEN Capital.”

Justin Schmidt, Translunar