About Us

Who we are

TEN Capital is based in Austin, TX, and has been connecting startups with investors for over ten years. Today, we have expanded beyond our Texas roots to serve investors and startups across the United States.
TEN Capital has helped entrepreneurs raise over $900M since inception and still growing.

What we believe

There are people who drift through life and then there are those who live life on purpose.
Those are the entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference and seek to change the world for the better. We share their inspiration and help them fulfill their passion. We celebrate their journey because they care enough to make a difference.

Our Story

I began running Angel networks in the 2000s and saw the challenges startups had in raising funding. I saw many entrepreneurs pitch to my room full of investors only to see that ninety percent of them never followed up. The ten percent that did come back, show progress, and built a relationship raised most of the funding
Startups need help preparing their fundraise documents, gaining an introduction, and keeping the investor up to date on the progress of the business.
I wanted to change the way fundraising worked.
I launched the company in 2009 under the name Texas Entrepreneur Networks to help startups raise funding from angel groups.
In 2016 I started receiving calls from outside of Texas asking to join the program. I rebranded the company to TEN Capital and started running the events nationwide, and accepted startups from across the US. Since then I’ve expanded the investor network to over 12,000 accredited investors from around the country.
I also launched a podcast program called Investor Connect to interview startups about their fundraise stories as well as those of our investors. Today we have over 300 interviews on the site.

TEN Capital has helped hundreds of startups raise over $900M by enabling the startup to raise their own funding.

– Hall T Martin, CEO, TEN Capital Network
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