Why TEN Capital?

TEN Capital has been providing the best ROI for your fundraise through our
Funding as a Service program since 2009.

Our company’s success lies at the intersection of these three areas:

Our Passion: TEN Capital helps grow entrepreneur ecosystems by facilitating capital investments into companies seeking funding.

Our Experience: Networking companies seeking funding and the right investors together.

Driving Our Economic Engine: Our community-building process helps build strong ecosystems with companies, investors, and partners.

12K+ Investors

12K+ Investors

$700M+ Raised

$800M+ Raised

500+ Startups

500+ Startups

We have a dedicated, experienced team offering a variety of services to startups raising capital, companies looking to grow, and investors, to help you get the most out of raising funding. Our Funding as a Service platform serves as a support system to you, not just software. You’ll work with us via phone and email to connect with the TEN Network live, rather than through an automated website.

What are our values?

  • Innovation helping navigate the path forward to overcome obstacles and problems
  • Entrepreneurship providing opportunities for individuals to grow and advance
  • Community facilitating the sharing of expertise and resources for growth and sustainability

What is Funding as a Service?

What Are People Saying About TEN Capital?


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