TEN Capital for Investors

TEN Capital’s Investor Network comprises over 18,000 accredited Investor members.
Our trusted community includes Angel Investors, Venture Capital Funds,
Family Offices, and High Net Worth Individuals that are funding Seed-Stage
through Series B raises in the Tech, Healthcare, AI, Consumer Packaged
Goods, Real Estate Tech, and Energy sectors.

Invest in TEN Capital Deals

TEN Capital offers an online program for investing in startups.
For each investment opportunity, we provide introductory mailers, updates
on fundraise progress, access to completed data rooms, and
ready-for-investment term sheets.

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Opt-in to receive our simplified, weekly synopsis of the latest deals that fit your criteria.

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Peruse our latest deals and let us know if you’d like an “Intro” to “Follow” their progress or to “Pass.”


We make introductions to those deals you are interested in, and you invest in the startups directly.

Find Members & Limited Partners

Finding new members can be time-consuming as there are
many moving parts.
TEN Capital offers a partnership program to help Angel Groups and
Syndicates find limited partners and VCs find new members through our
extensive network.

Join a Panel

Sign up to host or join the
panels of one or more TEN

Run Your Campaign

We’ll run a campaign to our
network introducing your
group or fund to gather

Receive Introductions

We make introductions to
those who express interest
and continue to run updates
as you join more panels.

Our Feedback

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