Partners are crucial to the success of startups. They help augment the management team and can burnish the reputation of the company. In fundraising, the existence of an advisory board can help close the fundraise.

TEN Capital Partners

Star Strong Capital offers creative debt solutions to early-stage small businesses with women and diverse founders that have been underrepresented in the traditional capital markets or have ESG aligned products or services.

The Arora Project is a leading crowdfunding launchpad with over $100 million generated for ventures globally. Scaling & fundraising for high growth ventures is what we do, and we use our data-driven success formula to drive results.

Guided by their strong content background and ability to create engaging UI/UX, KiwiTech works with clients to build robust, award-winning web, mobile, and social media solutions.

Sputnik ATX is an Austin, TX-based venture capital investor and accelerator that funds early-stage maker-founders who solve real problems.

Keiretsu Forum is a global investment community of accredited private equity angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate/institutional investors.

New Mexico Angels is the only New Mexico-based group of individual accredited angel investors focused on investing in early-stage companies in the Southwest.

Kickfurther is a platform that helps businesses with $150k to $20MM in revenue access capital to fund inventory. Their unique model supports multi-channel sales and does not conflict with existing lender relationships.

We want our investors to feel confident with their investment options on Title3Funds. Our offerings are highly curated and thoroughly vetted to provide investors with the best opportunities. The founders and team of Title3Funds comprise a diverse and experienced skill set across finance, technology, e-commerce, crowdfunding, and marketing.

CrowdVision Advisors, LLC helps professional investors RIAs include Reg. A+ investments into their managed account portfolios. CrowdVision Advisors now has 4 years experience providing professional advisory for investors and issuers, Reg. CF and Reg A+ offerings.

Wiss Early Stage is a proprietary methodology and accompanying cloud-based platform that readies entrepreneurs to embody and deliver exactly what investors demand.

Amadeo provides credit and equity financing for growth companies, blending versatile capital, cutting-edge seamless analytics, and proactive management.

HIRECLOUT is a premier recruiting firm focusing exclusively on technology, product, and IT roles.

Jahani & Associates is a leading lower-middle-market investment bank for North American companies seeking access to Middle Eastern and African markets.

Media Funding Group provides private funding access for Advertising and Marketing campaigns in exchange for a flexible blend of re-payment options including Equity Based Investments, Revenue Share Participation or Revolving Credit Lines.

Rotay Capital Finance‘s commercial finance options are available for many different situations, whether you have full financials and excellent credit or a less-than-perfect score and a stack of unpaid invoices.

Sweetview Partners, Inc. acquires entrepreneurial Texas Small Businesses, builds the sales and leadership infrastructure to support the next level of growth, and continues the business’s journey toward mid-size.

MediaCrossing Inc. is a technology-first media company for the new era of marketing.

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