TEN Capital Partners

TEN Capital empowers startups, inspires innovation, and fosters entrepreneurship.

Innovation provides the path forward to overcome obstacles and problems.

Entrepreneurship provides opportunities for individuals to grow and advance

Community service shares the expertise and resources for growth and sustainability.

TEN Capital Partners

Title3Funds helps startups and small businesses receive funding so they can fulfill their company vision. In short, we manage the logistics of fundraising, so you can focus on what you do best — growing your business.

INNP Consulting is an independent business consulting firm based in Austin, TX, specializing in business valuations and strategic management advisory services for small & medium-sized closely-held businesses.

CrowdVision Advisors, LLC helps professional investors RIAs include Reg. A+ investments into their managed account portfolios. CrowdVision Advisors now has 4 years experience providing professional advisory for investors and issuers, Reg. CF and Reg A+ offerings.

Wiss Early Stage

Wiss Early Stage is a proprietary methodology and accompanying cloud-based platform that readies entrepreneurs to embody and deliver exactly what investors demand.

Want to Become a TEN Capital Partner?

Partners are crucial to the success of startups. They help augment the management team and can burnish the reputation of the company. In fundraising, the existence of an advisory board can help close the fundraise.

If you’re interested in joining our program as a partner simply fill out the short form here and a member of our TEN Capital team be in touch.