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TEN Capital offers a simplified deal-flow program that includes introductory mailers, updates on fundraise progress, access to completed data rooms, and ready-for-investment term sheets. Investors can also contact our startups directly for one-on-one phone calls, or through online events and webinars. Simply sign up via the button below to start seeing deals today.

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TEN Investor Programs

Free $2500
Access to TEN's general deals Check Check
Weekly Deals mailer Check Check
Monthly Investor Information sessions (AMA) Check Check
Access to “How to Invest in Startups” course Check Check
General investor education through blog posts, eGuides, podcast interviews, and Startup Funding Espresso Check Check
Monthly reports on sector valuations and comps (Investor perspectives with sector information) Check Check
Feature on TEN Capital’s podcast program: Investor Connect Check Check
Early access to two ready to invest deals per month curated by TEN Cross Check
Application of the Early Exit Term Sheet to your own deals at no cost to the investor (normally $5K) Cross Check
Monthly online network calls with other premium investors to ask questions of the group and share feedback on deals, the market, and more. Cross Check

Why TEN Capital?

  • Expertise in familiar and new topics
  • Well known with proven reputation
  • Provides services you can’t get anywhere else
  • Extensive knowledge about new and interesting financial topics
  • Genuine interest in personal connections
  • Vast network of accredited investors


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Connecting Investors with Startups &
Growth Companies for Funding


For those who are new to startup investing, we can help you build out your investment program to increase returns and make the process more effective.

VC Firm
Support Services

We can help position your fund or group as a thought leader in the industry and keep the community up to date.

TEN Capital for
Angel Groups

TEN provides a variety of unique services dedicated specifically to Angel Groups, Funds, and Syndicates to help through every step of the fundraise process.

Early Exit
Deal Syndicate

See deals with TEN Capital’s exclusive Early Exit term sheet, providing the investor an option for an early exit.


Whether you are looking for Limited Partners and accredited investors for your fund or wanting to syndicate deals, TEN Capital can help position your deal to find investors.