TEN Capital offers investment opportunities in seed and growth stage
startups. Investors can invest directly in the startup with no broker fees.

How to invest with TEN Capital?


We’ll send you investment offerings to review. Select the ones you find interesting and we’ll send you updates.


Monitor the updates and documents about the offerings. Meet the companies in our events. Perform your due diligence.


Invest directly with the startups you want with no broker fees.

Funded Analytics

TEN Capital analyzed the data from the last ten years of funded companies

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The data shows you which factors determined success in funding.
  • Who gets funded and why?
  • What indicators predict a successful exit?

Hear from the investors behind the fundings

Investor Connect — A podcast series on startup investing

Who are our Investors?

TEN Capital’s investor network consists of over 7000 angels, venture capital, family offices, and high net worth individuals. Investors cover tech, healthcare, and consumer product goods.

Our investors are US-based and accredited.

There’s no cost to join the general network and access quality, pre-vetted deals.

Our investors fund pre-revenue, Seed, Series A, and Series B fundraises in the Tech, Healthcare, Consumer Product Goods, and Energy sectors.

Problem we solve for Investors

Investing in a startup is hard work.

You have to:

  • Find the right companies
  • Gain access to their pitchdeck and CEO
  • Monitor updates about the startups progress
  • Run a due diligence process
  • Negotiate the terms and close the deal
  • There are a lot of startups to go through, it’s time consuming and it can be a headache

TEN Capital's Solution for Investors

  • Provide your investment criteria on Sector, Subsector, Stage, Revenue
  • We’ll send you introductory deals to review
  • Select which ones you want to follow and which ones you don’t
  • We’ll send you updates on the ones you want to follow
  • We’ll setup calls with the ones you want to learn more about
  • We’ll invite you to our events held around the US to meet with our companies
  • We’ll help gather the due diligence docs and ensure the company is ready with a terms sheet.
  • You decide how much you want to invest

TEN Capital’s Early Exit structure

TEN Capital’s Early Exit deal structure is a convertible note with a 3X in 3 year redemption right at “investor sole discretion”  It provides the investor an option for an early exit which yields an IRR of 44%.

ten capital network

TEN Premium Investor

TEN Investor Premium provides high quality startups to investors.

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ten capital network

TEN University Syndicate

Syndicate of University of Texas Austin alumni, students, faculty, staff & parents or spouses of alumni or students investing in startups.

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Who is TEN Capital

  • We love startups and the early phase of the business
  • We help the investor on their journey
  • We help investors connect with startups directly
  • We help investors invest in startups
  • We improve lives by giving people their own job
  • We improve lives by helping investors generate wealth


TEN has developed a matching tool that uses the startups sector, stage, geography and revenue and matches it to our network of investors to find the best fit.


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Our Funding Portals

Texas Enterpreneur Network

TEN Funding Portal

Online funding portal for angels, venture capital, family offices, high net worth individuals, and other investors.

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Wilco Funding Portal

Funding portal for Williamson County companies

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TEN Community Funding

TEN Community Funding

Texas Intrastate Crowdfunding portal that lets anyone in Texas invest including non- accredited investors.

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Raising Funds

TEN Capital helps venture funds, MicroVC, angel sidecars raise funds from LPs. Our investors

look for the following:

● Unique investment thesis
● Access to startups that LPs can’t reach
● Access to SPVs with specific startups who are clear winners
● example portfolio companies
● Track record of the team and fund

“We can help you find more investors for your fund,”
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TEN Capital Network is dedicated to igniting innovation and long-term success in Tech, Healthcare, and Consumer Product Good businesses. Let us connect you to startups and growth companies.

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