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How it Works

TEN Capital offers an online program for investing in startups.

For each investment opportunity, we provide introductory mailers, updates on fundraise progress,

access to completed data rooms, and ready-for-investment term sheets.

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TEN Investor Programs

Free $2500
Access to TEN's general deals Check Check
Weekly Deals mailer Check Check
Monthly Investor Information sessions (AMA) Check Check
Access to “How to Invest in Startups” course Check Check
General investor education through blog posts, eGuides, podcast interviews, and Startup Funding Espresso Check Check
Feature on TEN Capital’s podcast program: Investor Connect Check Check
Early access to two ready to invest deals per month curated by TEN Cross Check
Application of the Early Exit Term Sheet to your own deals at no cost to the investor (normally $5K) Cross Check
Monthly online network calls with other premium investors Cross Check

Why TEN Capital?

Over 20 years of experience in startup investing.

Proven track record in generating returns.

Extensive knowledge in investment areas.

Genuine interest in personal connections.

Large network of accredited investors providing deal-flow.

Our Founder's Story

Hall T. Martin

I started angel investing in the early 2000s. I invested in my first deal and lost all my money. I realized startup investing is harder than it looks. I decided to find other investors to share the deal flow and the due diligence.

The city of Austin started a new angel group in 2006 called the Central Texas Angel Network. I was the first member to sign up. I joined the board and later became the Executive Director where I led the group to recruit 50 members and invest $5M in twenty deals.

That investment turned into a 33X return for the investors with a 571% IRR.

I helped my undergraduate alma mater at Baylor University launch an angel network out of the university’s alumni network. I found angel investing to be a great way to provide mentorship and job placement for students.

I helped Williamson County create an angel network for their area which at the time was the fastest-growing county in the US.

I used my experience and network to launch the TEN Capital Network which has helped investors find quality deals to invest in for more than a decade.


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Growth Companies for Funding

Learn About Startup Investing

TEN Capital can show you how to craft your investment program to increase returns.

Find Limited Partners

TEN Capital can help you find investors for your venture capital or angel group fund.

Find Investors for Your Angel Group

TEN Capital can help you find investors for Angel Groups, Funds, and Syndicates.

Find an Exit for Your Investment

TEN Capital can help you find an exit for your startup investment. See deals using TEN Capital’s exclusive Early Exit term sheet, providing the investor an option for an early exit.

Find Syndicate Investors

TEN Capital can help you find follow-on investors for your funded deals.