How We Invest Vol-IV

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Creating Communal Working Spaces for Startups

A multi-family office for individuals and self-mades can create a working environment of collaboration and understanding. It’s an opportunity for those of different interests and positions, such as celebrities, athletes, etc. to voice their opinion on new technology and interests in business-related decisions.

It helps with your investment thesis to host your audience of investors to ensure the success of those future opportunities.

Advice for Investors

You must have a deep dive to understand the industry that you’re navigating. One of the most important roles is to find founders that understand the industry you’re investing in. Seek founders that understand their market and those that try to obtain a marketing strategist that can be used in-house to help you understand how to get your brand the traction it needs.

A deep dive is important because it makes sure you vet and understand the specifics of the industry that you’re looking to invest in.

Challenges and Opportunities

Each industry has its own challenges but the consistent challenge is always fundraising. Many businesses believe fundraising is easy but it takes a lot of time investment in its own right. Capital is the one item that can have your business sustain longevity.

With those challenges come opportunities to pursue. Those hot opportunities are:

 Cannabis

 Psychedelics

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