TEN Capital eGuides

TEN Capital’s eGuides can help you raise funding, learn how to invest, see what other investors are doing,
and generally improve your startup fundraising and investing skills.

Please feel free to check out and download these resources, and contact us if you have any questions.

Due Diligence and Leading the Deal
How to raise funding
family and friends funding
how to prepare for your fundraise
how to raise a VC fund
The Types of Raises
how to prepare for the fundraise
how to invest in a startup
how to prepare for a fundraise with ten capital
how to use crowdfunding for your fundraise

Investor Perspectives

Investor Perspectives on Cannabis
future of investing in saas
COVID Impact on Cannabis
HealthTech & Treating Chronic Pain
Investing in Minority & Women-Owned Businesses

"How We Invest" Series

Sector Reviews

Investing in Niche Markets