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Your Pitch Deck Slides

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Every startup is going to need a pitch deck if they intend to raise funding. So, if you’re new to the startup world, here’s a brief overview of the slides in a pitch deck and their purpose:

Title – This will always be the first of your pitch deck slides. Your title slide should be unmistakably clear. It should convey the style and culture of the company.

Problem – It’s important to start the pitch with the problem you are solving so the investor has a frame of reference for your startup. Show how this is an important problem that must be solved.

Solution – After you have presented a problem to the investors, this becomes your chance to show how you intend to solve that problem. This gives you a chance to sell your startup to the investor. Make it count.

Market – The market slide shows the size of the opportunity. The bigger the opportunity, the better.

Monetization – The monetization slide has one basic goal: it answers the question of how you make money.

Traction – For this slide, you should be able to show current sales as well as the funnel of upcoming sales opportunities. Be sure to include forecast numbers for each opportunity.

Competition – The competition slide is useful because it often helps highlight the market size.

Competitive Advantage – Make it a point to show what value the customer receives from your product/service.

Team – This is your chance to showcase the people you’ve brought on board with your company.

Value Proposition – The value proposition slide serves to show what value your product/service brings to the customer.

Financial – The financial slide is used to give the current status of the company with respect to revenue, expenses, and profit.

Investment Opportunity – This slide functions to show your fundraise target and how much is raised so far.

Read more: https://tencapital.group/how-to-build-a-pitch-deck/

Hall T. Martin is the founder and CEO of the TEN Capital Network.TEN Capital has been connecting startups with investors for over ten years.

You can connect with Hall about fundraising, business growth, and emerging technologies via LinkedIn or email: hallmartin@tencapital.group

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