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What is the TEN Funding Platform?

TEN Capital offers the TEN Funding Platform matches startups and growth companies with investors and advisors for the purpose of raising funding for the company.  The core platform is a web-based funding portal with a CRM that uses matching technology to pair investors, entrepreneurs, and advisors and then uses an investor relations program to build a relationship online.  It provides a ready-to-run solution for the platform operator to get up and running quickly. The ongoing content and investor relations support allows the platform operator to spend time building out their network with companies, investors, and advisors.

The TEN Funding Portal provides



Funding Portal, CRM with Automation Tools, and Payment System

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Mailers, Campaign Program, Templates, etc.



Running Campaigns, Demand Generation, Building out Investor/Advisor/Client

TEN Capital Benefits

What does it do?

The TEN Funding Platform brings over ten years worth of experience in helping startups raise funding through angel networks, funding forums, accelerators, conferences, and online fundraising.The Ten Funding Platform has a proven model for startup preparation and fundraising and provides extensive resources for the company preparing for a raise and engaging investors.

The TEN Funding Platform is ideal for online fundraising, crowdfunding applications, managing deal flow for angel groups, helping startups in accelerators and incubators, and for chamber of commerce and economic development corporations to help their companies find advisory and funding connections.The TEN Funding Platform can be branded and customized for a sector or region.  The platform operator can run it or retain TEN Capital to run it as a turnkey service.

How does it work?

The monthly service fee paid by the client helps motivate them to complete their business preparation and documents in a timely fashion. The platform operator is typically not a broker/dealer and therefore cannot take back end fees for successful fund raise unless local laws allow for it.

The TEN Funding Platform is essentially an investor relations process with guidance on preparation and access to advisors and investors. A mailer is prepared for the client and sent to the investor list. Those investors who express interest in the company’s offering are placed on an investor follower list.The client then sends updates to the investor followers every 2-4 weeks showing progress of the company. Updates include information about the revenue, team, product, Intellectual property, and fundraise.

The TEN Funding Platform helps the company prepare their business, their investor documents, and their campaign.Client companies raising funding who sign up for the service (suggested monthly fee — $295 for early stage and $995 for later stage companies) receive a package of information including templates, resources, and program information.The client works their way through the program with guidance from the platform operator or TEN Capital by phone and email.

How can the program be used?

The TEN Funding Platform can be used in many ways including:

  • Angel networks for managing deal flow
    and investor/company matching as well as an advisory service
  • Intrastate crowdfunding portal operators can use
    it for managing their investor/company matching (in the USA)
  • Advisory groups can use it for attracting
    and managing large numbers of advisors for clients
  • Accelerators/Incubators can use it to provide
    fund raising support to portfolio and existing companies in the program.
  • Economic Development organizations can use it
    to support local companies seeking funding by matching them to local investors.
  • Chamber of Commerce organizations can use it
    to attract companies to the area with support helping them raise funding.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of the TEN Funding Portal program include:

  • Increased capability to help your entrepreneurs
  • Revenue model for generating income to increase and expand the services you offer
  • Access to ongoing content (we have 500 articles on entrepreneurship already)
  • Ability to start up quickly given the number of programs and services ready to go

Who is the ideal platform operator?

The platform operator has:

  • A network of investors, entrepreneurs, and providers (at least 1000 contacts).
  • Built a community for some time and now seek a platform, content stream, and  a revenue model.
  • Working knowledge of the entrepreneurship community outside their local region.


What you pay $5K one time setup fee $995 per month thereafter

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