Understanding the Challenges of Being a VC


VCs are a form of private equity financing provided by venture capital firms to startups and early-stage companies. Generally, venture capitalists are willing to risk investing in these types of companies because they can earn a large return on their investments. These types of returns make VCs especially attractive.

However, an issue that arises is that most individuals are not aware of the challenging dynamics that come along with a VC lifestyle.  

Here are a few of those challenges:

Raising Funding

Just like a startup, the VC has to raise funds, too. Raising funds can take time and a lot of commitment. Additionally, LPs tend to be rear-view mirror oriented rather than being focused on new technologies and markets. 

Working with Partners 

You’ll rarely have the chance to make the decisions alone. Rather, you’ll be making those decisions with the other partners. This is especially important to keep in mind if you prefer working alone and by your own rules. Often, ego and other agendas are at play which can be stressful especially if you are not used to working with others.

Getting Deals Done 

Deals aren’t always easy and you need to be prepared to see it through to the end. You have to convince others you have a winner on deck, otherwise the deal will fall through.

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