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Top 5 Blogs for Angel Investors

Whether you’re an angel investor or a startup, there is nothing more valuable than knowing firsthand the fundamentals of the business. Knowledge is power, so here are a few blogs to keep your eye on!

Venture Hacks: This blog is run by AngelList and offers advice from various angel investors, on topics ranging from their own processes and tips for startups on how to approach and pitch an investor.

AngelList Blog: The AngelList Blog itself is a reliable place to find “how we made it” stories about startups. It’s low-key, yet informative.

The Gust Blog: Gust is an online platform that connects investors and startups. Their blog provides a ton of useful advice from both investors and startups. They have blog categories set up for all stages in the process making it easier to get the insight you need.  

A2A: Analyst to Angel: The founder/CEO of Lucas Point Ventures, Adam Quinlan, shares his thoughts on topics ranging from startups and early stage investing.

And finally, from our favorite shark in the tank, Mark Cuban’s blog:

Blog Maverick: In his blog, Cuban gives advice and his personal thoughts on investing, as well as tips on how to be successful as an entrepreneur.

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