The Last-Mile Delivery Space

1 min read Players in the last-mile delivery space fulfill the ‘last mile’ of the transfer of goods from producer or retailer to the final consumer and growing consumer demands have caused this industry to boom.

Industry Evolution

The age of instant gratification has led to the growing consumer demand for increased home delivery, faster delivery turnaround times, and cheaper services. This is driving the need for change.

Companies are now outsourcing the logistics to a third-party organization that is better equipped to fulfill the last leg of delivery at a lower cost to the consumer.

This is called white-label logistics and is recognized as the next level for companies.

Delivery used to be the most expensive part of the selling process. Now, evolutions in the last-mile space make it possible to obtain items locally and deliver them to the customer at a much lower cost.

Should You Invest?

What do you need to look for as an investor to be sure a company is worth your down payment?

The major question to ask yourself is:

How does this company compete with some of the major brands already out there?

It is important to know if the company is going to be able to keep up with the major player technologies. Those that can keep up with the larger companies are the ones that are going to succeed therefore worth investing in.

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