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Robert Crea: Regulatory Environment for ICOs and Cryptocurrencies

Robert M. Crea counsels investment advisers, private fund managers and broker-dealers on a variety of fund formation, regulatory and compliance, and securities law matters. He regularly works with clients to structure and document U.S. and offshore private investment funds and assists clients with a variety of state and federal regulatory and compliance issues. He represents pension plans and other institutional investors in connection with their investments in hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and real estate funds. He also counsels on regulatory matters affecting cryptocurrency offerings. In addition, he advises emerging companies regarding formation and financing and mergers and acquisitions. Robert Crea is a CFA charterholder and CAIA charterholder and a member of each of the CFA Institute and CAIA Association

Jouko Ahvenainen- The Status and Future of Tokenization, Blockchain and Finance Disruption

Jouko Ahvenainen is a serial-entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Grow VC Group, a holding entity including over 10 companies, a pioneer in digital finance, fin-tech and data analytics solutions. Jouko started his work with digital finance and fin-tech models in 2008 and listed world-class influencer. He participated in changing US finance regulation, getting the Senate and President to allow JOBS Act and has worked with EU and Asian finance regulation.
Jouko is founder, partner and board member in 10+ innovative digital finance companies. Jouko is advisor for US, European and Asian investing and finance programs. He focuses on digital disruption in finance services and business.Jouko has vast experience of international business in Asia, Europe, and North America; he has lived and worked in the UK, the US, Finland, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Jouko regularly speaks and writes about innovative finance models and digital business in conferences and media including CNBC Squawk Box, SXSW, MWC and The Peter Drucker Forum. He is listed World Influencers in Digital Industry and fin-tech.

Rob Leslie Sedicii

In 2013 Rob founded Sedicii. Using a novel cryptographic protocol known as zero knowledge proof, Sedicii is creating the Kriptan Network to facilitate the verification of identity data without the need to expose the underlying data, thereby protecting the privacy of the person. In this video, Rob speaks about his company at the Emerge ICO Summit.

Daniel Arulraj Vault Wallet

The emerging cryptocurrency market is disrupting the existing framework of valuing and trading traditional assets. To foster continued adoption of this technology, we must first build an infrastructure to protect and secure our assets.

At Vault Wallet, we are building a fast, secure, and easy to use mobile-first wallet to efficiently manage your crypto assets. It is developed from the ground up to make your blockchain experience easier. In this video, Daniel speaks about Vault Wallet at the Emerge ICO Summit

Dave Hendricks SeriesX and Vertalo

Vertalo is a stakeholder Registry and Cap Table platform for SEC Compliant Security Token offerings. They connect broker-dealers, issuers, exchanges and ATS’s. Dave joined us at the Emerge ICO Summit to speak a little about his company and what they do.

Alan Yong- DNotes

Alan Yong CEO/Founder of DNotes Global, Inc. joins us at the Emerge ICO Summit to speak about his company. The DNotes Vault is a secure online web-based crypto vault for storage of DNotes, operating since December 2014. All funds are held securely in cold storage, and all transactions are signed using an offline process. The Vault has synergies with DNotes, rewarding depositors with interest awarded directly from the DNotes blockchain to encourage security and savings

Deposits at DNotes Vault will be designated to its individual owner, and not pooled together, meaning reserve lending is not possible, and user funds are always available whenever they are requested. DNotes Vault has been designed to be easier to use than a bank account, and it’s user deposit guarantee reflects its unparalleled level of security. In future, DNotes Vault will likely evolve into a regulated exchange and potentially incorporate Peer-to-Peer lending functions.

Rishi Madhok- Bitmed

Dr. Rishi Madhok joined us at the Emerge ICO Summit to speak a little about his company. Dr. Madhok has been a practicing physician for over 10 years. During that time he recognized the flaws in the healthcare system and was inspired to start BitMED. He still practices emergency medicine at UCSF Medical Center and is an editor at Telemedicine Magazine. Dr. Madhok is committed to bringing a global, no-cost healthcare solution to market.

Alan Yong DNotes -Micropayments

In this video, Alan Yong, CEO/Founder of DNotes Global, Inc. speaks about Micro Payment, Micro investment, Regulated ICO and how it will change the world. Identify the winners early. Alan Yong is an author, well regarded technology visionary, and co-founder of DNotes, DNotes Global, CryptoMoms, DNotesVault, and DCEBrief. He has been a frequent radio podcast guest covering digital currencies and his book “The Four Pillars of Business Success”. Alan is featured as one of NLTV’s documentary “Blockchain SuperStars”. He has many published articles that appeared in a broad spectrum of publications giving him a large Internet footprint. Alan is also the creator of Dauphin DTR, the most innovative tablet computer of its time in the early 1990s. Alan is a passionate speaker committed to DNotes’ vision of an inclusive trusted digital currency to gain
mass adoption. He has been spending the last 4 ½ years assisting and mentoring a global team in building a fully integrated ecosystem that serves as the centerpiece in bridging our centralized systems with the new decentralized world.

Ling Qing Meng CTO at iCash - The Economic Model of Dispute Resolution on the Blockchain

Ling Qing Meng is a software engineer that develops blockchain applications and infrastructure. He’s helped companies build architecture that creates new markets possible only now through permissionless end to end exchanges of value. Within the ICO ecosystem, Ling is also involved as a investor, security advisor, and writer for whitepapers. Ling is motivated by blockchain’s ability to finally allow a direct connection between the creation of value and the engineer who facilitates it, and wants to empower anyone who ventures into this new world.
Before blockchain he’s worked in Ad-Tech at Branch Metrics in Palo Alto where he led a team that built a first market solution that can deeplink AMP-html articles to specific mobile app views. His implementation of a dynamic AMP Html template gave customers both unrivaled SEO ranking while still retaining SDK integration allowing market segment analysis and upsells. He also has industry specific experience contracting in the supply chain space and performing source code audits in IP litigation.

Blockchain Applications Panel

The Crypto community has run out of anarchists, libertarians and speculators. The next 100m users to join Crypto need the latest in blockchain applications. In this panel at the Emerge ICO Summit, we welcomed Anupam Govil Partner, Avasant & President, AvaSense , Pedro Anderson of Winding Tree, Andrii Zamovsky of Ambisafe and Justin Newton of Netki to speak on the latest in blockchain applications.

Andrii Zamovsky Defining Properties of The Consensus based Business Environment

Andrii Zamovsky has been involved in the blockchain industry since early 2010 and has founded multiple successful blockchain companies, including Ambisafe, Orderbook and HolyTransaction. Andrii has also taken leading blockchain architect role in Tether, Chronicled, Propy and dozens of other companies.

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