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TEN Physicians Syndicate

  • A syndicate of physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals who want to invest in early and growth stage startups.
  • Since most professionals are short on time, the TEN Healthcare leadership sources, negotiates, and presents ready to fund investment opportunities to those in the syndicate.
  • There are no physical meetings required to participate in the offerings.
  • Each member decides if they want to invest and how much.
  • Only high quality deals are presented to the members of the syndicate for consideration.


  • The syndicate focuses on healthcare tech but also considers devices, diagnostics, and therapeutics as well as non-healthcare opportunities.
  • The syndicate will offer seed, growth, and expansion stage deals.
  • The deals come primarily from Texas but will also consider those from outside the state.
  • Based on feedback from the current members, quality over quantity is desired.
  • We show only one investment per month.
  • The syndicate tracks successful venture capital and angel fundings in healthcare.
  • The syndicate provides follow on funding to the startup with the same terms.
  • There are no physical meetings to attend for due diligence, screening, or presentations.
  • The investment opportunities will be texted and emailed to the member in the form of an executive summary.
  • If interested in investing, a Docusign document will be sent to fill out electronically.
  • Additional documents will be stored on the TEN Funding Portal for further due diligence.

We propose a flat rate of investment by each member based on the deal stage as follows:

  • $5K for pre-seed, $10K for startup, $20K for growth ($1M+) but the final decision of how much you invest is up to the investor.
  • The syndicate member pays an annual fee of $495/year.
  • There’s no cost to the company to apply.
  • For each funded deal, TEN Healthcare Syndicate takes a flat fee of $15K per deal transacted to pay legal and administrative costs.
  • Members will be invited to an annual Healthcare conference scheduled for the spring of each year.

Benefits of the TEN Physician Syndicate


Access to high quality deals


Online investing


Minimal time required


Use of text updates and
email documents


Flat fee investing


Invitation to annual
healthcare conference

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