TEN Investor Premium

The TEN Investor Premium program provides high quality startups to investors. The two highest quality deals are presented to the investor ready for investment including terms sheet, due diligence, and access to the company leadership team.

TEN Capital sources, negotiates, and presents each deal with a due diligence box, and a terms sheet ready for investment.

Investments are made directly with the startup with no broker fees.

There’s no obligation to invest.

This program is only available to Accredited Investors.

Problem we solve for Investors

Investing in a startup is hard work. You have to

  • find the right companies
  • gain access to their pitchdeck and CEO
  • monitor updates about the startups progress
  • run a due diligence process
  • negotiate the terms and close the deal
  • There are a lot of startups to go through
  • Startup investing is time consuming and it can be a headache

What you get

TEN Capital will provide you with

Two high quality deals per month that are investment ready with due diligence, and pitchdeck, terms sheet

Access to other investors through the TEN Investor Premium Forum.

What does it cost?


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Disclaimer: TEN Capital Network is not a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or US Investment Advisor. TEN Capital is a business introduction service and makes no warranties or representations as to the Buyer, seller, or transaction. All due diligence is the responsibility of the investor. TEN Capital does not take broker fees or success fees for the transaction. Investment in startup companies is high risk and you can lose all your investment.