TEN Capital Big Vision & Core Mission & Values

The big “WHY” for TEN Capital

  • Help the entrepreneur on their journey to start and grow their own business
  • We love startups and the early phase of the business
  • Entrepreneurship changes the world and people’s lives for the better
  • Entrepreneurship improves lives by giving people their own job and investment wealth


TEN Capital empowers startups, inspires innovation, and fosters entrepreneurship.
Innovation provides the path forward to overcome obstacles and problems.
Entrepreneurship provides opportunities for individuals to grow and advance
Community service shares the expertise and resources for growth and sustainability.


TEN Capital seeks to improve the world by fostering entrepreneurship and inspiring innovation through funding for startups and growth companies.


We help startups and investors connect for funding.
Sell it first, build it second.
Don’t just talk about the growth story, demonstrate the growth story.

Startup Tagline

“Empowering you to raise your funding”

Investor Tagline

“Empowering you to succeed at startup investing”

Brand Manifesto

There are people who drift through life and then there are those who live life on purpose.

Those are the entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a difference and seek to change the world for the better.

We share their inspiration and help them fulfill their passion.

We celebrate their journey because they care enough to make a difference.

Never stop achieving.

Our company’s success lies at the intersection of these three areas:

  • Our passion: TEN Capital helps grow entrepreneur ecosystems by facilitating capital investments into startups
  • Our Success: Networking startups and investors together
  • Our Economic Engine: Our community building process helps build strong ecosystems with startups, investors, and advisors.

Big Vision [Our 10-25 year vision]:

TEN Capital envisions facilitating $1T in economic activity through its community building.

Core Mission [Our 3-5 year plan]:

Foster entrepreneurship and innovation by facilitating funding for startups and growth companies.

  • 1st key objective necessary to meet core mission: Build strong pipeline of startups with passion and purpose
  • 2nd key objective necessary to meet core mission: Build strong network of engaging investors
  • 3rd key objective necessary to meet core mission: Build strong network of advisors who can help startups grow.

Ideal customer

  • Committed to the process
  • Has revenue and growth rates
  • Has raised some funds already
  • Needs continual stream of funding
  • Needs access to more investors
  • Can pay $2500/month

Not ideal customer

  • Seeks freemium process
  • Not sure if it will work
  • Cannot commit to the program
  • Has no revenue
  • Has weak growth story
  • Has not raised any funds
  • Cannot pay $995

TEN Capital Culture

We respect each other
We work hard, innovation is king
We strive to provide value for our customers and each other

Company Brand Archteyptes

Their book “The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through The Power Of Archetypes“, with a series of 12 marketing archetypes:

the Sage (helping the world gain wisdom and insight);

the Innocent (just wants everyone to be happy, strives to be good);

the Explorer (fulfillment through discovery);

the Ruler (creating order from chaos by helping people to be more responsible and get organized);

the Creator (to create something with meaning and enduring value);

the Caregiver (to care for and protect others);

the Magician (making dreams come true or creating something special and unique);

the Hero (helping to improve the world);

the Outlaw (breaking the rules and fighting authority);

the Lover (creating intimacy and inspiring love);

the Jester (bringing joy to the world); and

the Everyman/Everywoman (helping everyone to connect with others and feel like they belong).

The significance of these archetypes – which can apply to major national brands (e.g., Disney is a Magician, Campbell’s Soup is a Caregiver, Lego and Crayola are Creators, Red Bull is an Explorer, and Harley-Davidson is an Outlaw), but also to financial firms – is that people respond to them best when the brand consistently remains within the archetype (e.g., Disney doesn’t promise to break rules and fight authority, Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t strive to help the world gain wisdom).