TEN Capital Syndicate Platform

TEN Capital provides an online platform to post investment opportunities, including a pitch deck, deal terms, diligence documents, and updates about the company.

The platform uses a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to collect investor interest for a fundraise.

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For Angel Groups and Investment Leads

TEN Capital will help you set up and manage your own Syndicate Platform, through:

  • Building and management of your syndicate platform
  • Recruiting additional members for your group (for angel groups)
  • Showcasing your funded deals to a syndicate network (whether you led them or not)
  • Sharing the carry with you on any funds that come through the syndication portal
  • Helping the startup raise additional capital through our other investors (at which point we would charge the company our monthly retainer)

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What is an SPV?

SPVs are investment vehicles that provide their own terms. While there are many uses throughout the financial world, the startup space uses SPVs to reduce the number of investors on the cap table.

With the rise of crowdfunding and the number of startups raising funding, investors are spreading their investment dollars across more startups. This has the effect of putting more investors in each deal. TEN uses this platform to gather investors into an SPV to reduce the number of investors on the cap table, taking one position on the startups’ cap table rather than a position for each individual investor.

Those raising funding will find the platform a useful tool for showcasing their deal to any accredited investor and not just investors from TEN Capital’s network.

We place startup investment opportunities on the platform to gather initial interest. Once interest is demonstrated, we open the deal up for investment. Investors can review the pitch deck, follow the updates, and post questions to the startup.

Once the investor decides to invest, the investor can electronically sign the documents and then wire funds into the bank account set up for the SPV.

The platform will create the legal documents and bank account and handle funds administration.

Each year the investor will receive documents regarding the status of the business and the statements for tax purposes.

How does it work?

For startups launching their deal on the platform, we upload their investor documents for preview before it goes live.

When approved by the company, the deal goes live on the platform, and Investors can submit soft-circled interest in the deal.

When enough interest is reached, the deal goes live for funding, and investors can invest in the deal.

Investors review the investment documents, including pitch deck, term sheet, and diligence.

Investors sign the documents electronically and submit funds through wire transfers held in a bank account set up for the SPV.

Invested funds are released to the startup at the end of the campaign. Arrangements can be made to release the funds on a milestone basis.

The platform will create the legal documents for the SPV, a bank account for the funds, and provide the tax reporting documents.

Each year, the platform will provide tax documents to the investors.

What does it cost?

The cost is $2500 per SPV plus $100 per investor in the deal and a 10% carry.

Payment is due upon closing and is taken out of the total amount raised. One can see the total raise amount, the fee amount, and the final investment amount in the dashboard.

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