Ronald Lemay of Main Street Data

Main Street Data was formed in 2017 to bring precise data to the agriculture world. While data has improved in many other industries, agriculture remains behind the curve – and Main Street Data is here to change that. Just as a surgeon might use a laser rather than a scalpel, the agriculture industry can use far more precise data to inform our daily choices. While anecdotal information such as how a neighbor is doing can still tell us much, it’s time to put science to work in our fields.

Excerpts from the interview:

Ronald’s advice to those investing in fin-tech and agriculture- Look at it very carefully. Agriculture was a sleepy ecosystem at the start but not anymore. This space is full of new business models, new technology and full of disruptors. It’s rich with opportunity but requires deep due diligence to really understand how it relates to the needs of the market and how it fits competitively.

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