Overlooked Areas of Investment

Overlooked Areas of Investment

There are a lot of opportunities to invest in early-stage companies, particularly in some of the areas of the country that have been overlooked in the past. We’ve seen areas such as New York City and San Francisco that have essentially turned into startup hubs. As more and more companies spring up in these hubs, investments get poured into these areas.

However, we are starting to see a shift outside of these hubs as other, typically overlooked, areas begin to show more and more potential for both startups and investors. 

For example, Houston is making tremendous progress in terms of building an ecosystem and creating an environment that will nurture and support startups. More importantly, the Houston area is poised to keep those startups in the city as they grow. Other cities are beginning to follow suit due to cheaper business costs compared to larger, more expensive cities like San Francisco. Examples of this can be found in places like Charlotte, NC and Columbus, OH.

As more and more hubs begin to pop up, it’s important to build a culture of early-stage investing in these cities much like Houston is doing today. The more we continue to pay attention to these previously overlooked areas, the more investment opportunities will arise.

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