Let us Help you Prepare Your Business for Growth and Scaling

  • Most first time CEOs believe investors want large revenue and big numbers around leads, recruits, and products. The reality is that most investors don’t want big numbers – they want predictable, repeatable, and controllable numbers. TEN Capital can setup your business to scale with programs and processes.
  • As you seek to raise your first round of funding outside of family and friends, you’ll find investors asking questions about how you can scale the business.
  • The key to scaling is to “operationalize” the business. This means you have identified the core drivers behind your business model and you have ongoing programs and processes in place for sales/marketing, recruiting, and delivering the core products/services.
  • What practice took you to $1M in revenue will not take you to $10M. TEN can help pull it all together as we help you identify your current business drivers for sales, recruiting, and operations, and how to setup for the next stage of growth.

Advantages of TEN Capital for preparing your business for scaling:

TEN helps you understand your core business model, establish your metrics, and identify the key systems needed to drive growth:

  • We have 10 years of experience helping entrepreneurs.
  • Our leadership has grown businesses from $100K to $50M.
  • We have a proven process for identifying, and growing your business at scale.

Benefits of TEN’s process:

TEN can help you pull it all together as we can identify your business model and help you put in the process for scaling your business:

  • Proven program through the TEN Funding Portal.
  • TEN has over 100 advisors and partners in the network.
  • TEN saves you time in setting up your business for growth.


$5000/month for 3 months.

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