Leading an Angel Group

Chapter 1: Angel Investment Groups "Need-to-Knows"

Should You Start an Angel Network?

Before launching an angel network, assess your community as follows:

  • Do you have accredited investors interested in startup investing?
  • Do you have any investors who will take the lead on diligence and investing for each deal?
  • Do you have a champion who will organize and lead the angel group for the first two to three years?
  • Do you have a flow of startups seeking funding that you can access?
  • Is there a resource for incubating and educating those startups in the area?
  • Are there local service providers such as attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, and others who can support the startups?
  • Are there other investor groups that currently fund those deals in your community to support syndication?
  • Is there access to follow-on funding for startups?

Research your community to see what currently exists and what must be built. Check with the local entrepreneur groups to make this assessment and get their potential support for starting an angel group.

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