TEN Investor
Education Program

How to Invest in Startups

For investors who are new to startup investing, TEN Capital can help you build out your investment program to increase the returns and make the startup funding process more effective.

TEN Capital provides a program for accredited investors seeking to fund startups and growth companies.

Cost to join the TEN Capital Investor Education Program:

$2500 Annually

The TEN Capital Investor Education Program includes the following services:

  • Access to deal-flow
  • Deal-flow sourcing
  • Deal-flow screening
  • Deal analysis (calculator available)
  • Valuations (calculator available)
  • Bi-weekly meetings to share information
  • Curriculum: “How to Invest in Startups” program
  • Educational topics (terms sheets, tax implications, sector analysis, etc.)
  • Diligence assistance
  • Portfolio management
  • Help in setting up your own fund

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Foundations for Successful Investing

There are five core steps you need to prepare to invest in startups. Of course, you can always just invest money because they are a good friend or family member.

But if you want to be a successful investor you need to prepare the following:

Investment thesis: know what you want to invest in – provide deal-flow to start getting reactions

Allocated funds: know how much you are going to invest – help setup funds allocation

Dealflow sources: source of startups that you can access easily – help identify more deals

Diligence process: know what to look for to find the right investment – setup structure approach

Terms Sheets: know how you are going to invest – provide 3X in 3 deal structure

TEN Capital’s program will take you through the steps to define your investment process.