TEN Capital helps you create a campaign, provides investor document templates and due diligence, hosts a Startup-Investor
Engagement Series in cities across the country, and arranges introductions to matched, accredited investors.

Problem we solve for Startups

Raising funding for a startup is hard.

You have to:

  • Find the right investors
  • Get an introduction
  • Update the investor prospects
  • Meet their requirements
  • Go through due diligence
  • Negotiate the terms
  • Keep them informed

There are a lot of investors each with their own unique criteria. It’s time consuming and a headache

How We Work

In this program we bring startups to meet and network with our accredited investors in sessions held around the country (New York, San Francisco, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and
other cities) giving you the opportunity to meet investors who are following your deal and new investors as well. Most investor follow up is done at the events so it’s important to participate. You can see the current schedule here.

TEN Capital

  • Helps prepare the business
  • Helps prepare the campaign
  • Helps prepare the investor docs
  • Makes introductions to investors
  • Sends updates to investors
  • Hosts a Startup-Investor Engagement Series
  • Records podcast interviews
  • Helps with valuations and negotiations
  • Provides advisory services for sales, strategy, marketing, CFO and growth

You provide

  • The pitchdeck
  • The updates
  • The due diligence docs
  • The fwup to close investors
  • The growth story


TEN has developed a matching tool that uses the startups sector, stage, geography and revenue and matches it to our network of investors to find the best match.


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Success Stories

Elevate K-12, Olono, Intelligent Surveillance Corp, Founders First Fund, Seismos are just
a few of the companies who used TEN Capital to help raise funding.

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