How the TEN Capital Network Program Works

The TEN Capital Network Program introduces your deal to our network of accredited investors.
We approach those who are most relevant to your revenue, sector, and stage:

ten capital how we work

We focus on Seed, Series A, and Series B raises. Most Seed raises are from $500K to $750K, Series As are from $1M to $5M, and Series Bs run between $5M and $20M.

Typically, our angels write $50K checks, our High Networth Individuals write $100K checks, our Family Offices write $250K checks, and our VCs write $250K to $1M checks on the first round.

We’ll take your pitch deck and build out a short mailer from me to the investor introducing your deal with some key highlights. If you do not have your pitch deck prepared, we can assist with that as well (as a part of the Premium Program package).

Most campaigns will run between 3 and 6 months as investors have their due diligence to run.

When you’re ready to start with the TEN Capital Network, we’ll send you a signup email and then, with your input, we’ll start work on your communications to the investors

Step 1

We introduce your deal to our investor network, providing a brief description and a link to your most recent deck

Those expressing interest are put into a list of “followers” that we will keep track of throughout your campaign in a provided worksheet:

ten capital engagement tracker

We will also track the progress of your campaign as a whole:

We send out updates on your business:

ten capital update mailer template

Step 2

During the course of your campaign, we will also run webinars to showcase your deal:

We will facilitate online meetings with your current investor followers as well as group webinars to introduce you to new ones:

You will also walk away with permanent collateral from each web series we complete that we will share with the investors as well:

Investing in Minority & Women-Owned Businesses

Step 3

We’ll schedule an interview with you for our Investor Connect podcast to capture your story and create a series of investor documents, including a Case for Investment and Sector Analysis to send to investors:

Step 4

We run an Ask for Investment mailer to close investors following the deal:

We include your pitch deck, terms sheet, and data room. If you have these documents we’ll use it. If you need help we’ll work with you to build it out:

Sign up to speak to a TEN representative about your fundraise today: