How Do We Work?

Our Funding as a Service Program introduces your deal to our network of 14,000+ accredited investors, including angels, family offices, high net worth investors, and venture capitalists, through a variety of outreach efforts based on your and the investor’s criteria.

We take your pitch deck and build out a campaign, with some key highlights, introducing your deal to our investor network based on your and the investors’ criteria.

ten capital how we work

For those who respond positively, we help you follow up through a series of updates via email and events to close.

Most campaigns run for 6 months as investors have their due diligence process to run. You can track your progress with our Campaign Score. Those who reach 100 on the campaign score have a 90% success rate in funding. Successful fundraisers are super active in the campaign.

We focus on Seed, Series A, and Series B raises. Most seed raises are from $500K to $750K, Series A are from $1M to $5M, and Series B are $5M to $20M.

Typically, our angels write $25-$100K checks, our HNI write $100K-$250K checks, our Family Offices write $250K-$500K checks, and our VCs write $250K to $1M checks on the first round.

Running a TEN Capital Campaign

A typical campaign includes:

  • Access to over 14K accredited investors (angels, VCs, HNI, family offices) in the Tech, Healthcare, Consumer product goods sectors.
  • Access to all TEN Capital online events frequently attended by our investors
  • TEN Capital’s Investor Marketing tools & expertise
  • Access to our data room for sharing your due diligence docs with potential investors

To begin introducing your deal to the investors, we will need the following items from you:

  • Pitch Deck and/or
  • Executive Summary (optional)
  • Brief Description of Company and Deal Highlights for the Intro Mailer Template
  • Hi-res Logo

We will share a Campaign Tracker worksheet with you that we will use to keep track of your campaign. In it, we will manage the timeline of your Campaign, including:

  • Number of investors sent to
  • Number of email opens
  • Calendar of all campaign activities
  • Full list of all “engaged” investors (these will be anyone who clicked through your email or asked for an introduction) and what action they took with each mailer
  • Specific investor feedback if provided
  • Monthly progress review notes

To officially “launch” your campaign, we introduce your deal to our investor network, providing a brief description and a link to your most recent deck.

Those expressing interest are put into a list of “followers” that we will keep track of throughout your campaign in a provided “Engagement Tracker”

ten capital engagement tracker

After the initial mailer has gone out, we will follow up with you each week to see if you have updates to share with our investor network. We want to send out updates once every 2-3 weeks if possible. With these updates, we aim to “Connect the Dots” for the investor to show an overall growth pattern and keep them abreast of your progress.

We will also continue to regularly and individually introduce your deal to investors in our network based on their criteria and yours. We will keep track of those we are engaging with each week in your Engagement Tracker.

Once an investor has expressed interest in an introduction, we will make one in real-time. Once the introduction has occurred, you will then work directly with the investor to close the deal.

When your closing date is approaching, we will then begin closing the investors who have been following your deal by sending out a final “Case for Investment” to our network. At this time, we will want to have your Data Room and term sheet in place and ready upon request.

Should you need them, we have a set of helpful templates, including:

  • Convertible Note Term Sheet
  • Early Exit Term Sheet – 3X in 3 Year Redemption Right
  • Due Diligence Checklist
  • General NDA
  • Reps & Warranties by the Company
  • Wire Instructions Template
  • 5-year Financial Projections
  • Press Release Template
  • Executive Summary Template
  • Deck Template

TEN Events

Throughout the course of your campaign, we run 12+ online events each month including weekly investor intro sessions (TEN Capital Club), pitch events, panel discussions, and more. In these sessions, you can meet and engage with investors. Investors will also provide feedback on your pitch and startup.

Clients will be notified of the events and format as they are scheduled. We encourage you to participate in as many of these events as possible.

It’s important to have your elevator pitch ready for these events.

TEN Capital Syndicate Platform

The TEN Capital Syndicate Platform is an online portal showcasing your investment opportunity including pitch deck, term sheet, and diligence documents. The platform gives you an online placement for your investment opportunity.

You can send any of your investors to it to see the pitch deck, review the term sheet, or check out the diligence documents.

It uses a Special Purpose Vehicle deal structure to capture investor interest and funds into your fundraise. It enables you to accept smaller investment sizes from multiple investors. The platform is for accredited investors only but allows for investments as low as $5K. This often generates more funding.

You can learn more here:

Investor Connect Podcast Program

TEN Capital has a podcast program called Investor Connect. We run audio interviews with our investors and clients which we post on the site.

We interview clients and investors on an industry topic or trend and then invite both to participate in an online event to meet each other and share their experiences. It’s also a good way to tell your story and use it in your campaign.

We’ll invite you to set up a recording time.

You can listen to other shows here:

Fundraise Coaching & Strategy Sessions

We will be reaching out to you once monthly to discuss campaign status, investor feedback, and your progress. We can also provide coaching on your fundraise including presentation, positioning, and valuation.

We will also discuss fundraising strategies on how to engage and close investors. It’s often the case you will have investors who expressed interest but have not yet moved to a close. It’s important to follow up with these investors using the Funding Funnel.

You can learn more here:

TEN Capital Early Exit Deal Structure

TEN can provide a deal structure that gives the investor the option for an early exit. It’s a convertible note term sheet that gives investors a redemption right at ‘investor sole discretion’ to claim a 3X return on their investment at the 3-year mark.

We can set up the convertible note for your deal and make it available to investors interested in the Early Exit structure. This gives you more investors to engage and provides compelling terms that can help you raise more funding.

You can learn more here:

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