How the TEN Early Exit Program Works

Step 1

TEN Capital prepares mailers and gains the clients approval.

Step 2

TEN Capital selects the investors who fit the revenue, sector, and stage of the company.

ten capital engagement tracker

Step 3

TEN Capital reaches out to its core network for interest and feedback and schedules one on one calls.

Step 4

TEN Capital helps tell the startup’s growth story. Sales, team, product, fundraise need to be in progress. TEN helps the startup tell that story.

Step 5

TEN Capital closes the round with an Ask for Investment mailer in which diligence, terms sheet, and updated pitch deck are provided.

Campaign Score

TEN Capital measures the progress of the raise with the ‘Campaign Score’ which shows how many companies raise funding. 90% of those reaching a Campaign Score of 100 raise funding.

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