How We Invest Vol-II

Amos Schwartzfarb - Author of Sell More Faster

Challenges Faced by Startups and Growth Companies

There’s a distinct difference between sales as it is defined and how people think about it.

Startups tend to think that they know what the product is and that it is as simple as hiring a couple of salespeople to achieve growth.

The challenge is, most people don’t really know:

  • Who their customer really is
  • What their customer is really buying from them
  • Why customers are buying from them

It’s important to understand the above key points in order to figure out how you get to a repeatable and scalable sales process.

Common Mistakes

  1. Hiring salespeople too soon – they need to know who they’re selling, what customers are buying, and why they’re buying it.
  2. Trying to move too fast on too wide a group with no data.

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