How to Run an ICO After the Crowd Sale Is Over

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After the ICO is completed one should wrap up with a program to close out the campaign and prepare for the ongoing development work. This typically includes the following:

  1. Convert enough of your crypto holdings into fiat currency to give yourself at least a two-year runway.
  2.   Setup to deliver regular reports to the investors and backers
  3.   Restructure the team for product development to reach product/market fit.
  4.   Update websites and online documents accordingly

It’s often the case the advisors who helped you raise funding will not be the ones who can help you with product and market development.

Be Sure to thank those who helped you and compensate those who were promised payments for bounties, advisory work, etc.

Check with your attorney on any post campaign filings that need to be completed.

You may want to issue a press release on the final results of the campaign and use it as momentum for recruiting team members, setting up customer contacts, and partner relationships.


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