How to Engage the Investor

2 min read How to Raise Funding Step 6: How to Engage Investors for Calls and Meetings

In looking at how to raise funding, a crucial step is to engage investors. We can begin by contacting investors online.

After several mailers, you should be able to assess who is engaging with your deal and who is not. For those who are opening your mailer and viewing your deck, you now take them to the next level, which is a conference call and later a meeting.

The key to setting up a call with an investor is to offer new information that they cannot get through a mailer. This includes confidential information such as actual client results. Detailed information about your customers is not something that most put in mailers, so investors will appreciate the fact that this is for direct offline communication.

Investors are seeking new information about their sector and appreciate sources of information that can inform them.

Other sources of information to offer the investor include trends in the industry, challenges in the sector, what to look for in startups, new startups coming up that are investor-worthy, competitive information, and takeaways from a recent conference.

As a startup operating in the thick of things, you have access to information that is quite valuable.

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