How to Raise Funding Step 1: Build a List of Investor Prospects – You Need Several Hundred Not Just a Dozen or So


A New Model for Startup Funding

By now you probably have your pitch deck and financial projections ready and your due diligence box (some call it a data room) is coming together. The first step in a fundraise is to build the list of potential investors. You’ve go through your contact list, your LinkedIn connections, and you rack your brain for potential investors in your deal.

You’ve done a few Google searches and added a few local angel networks you know. The list stands at about 15 names.

Now what?

You know the fundraise is similar to sales– it’s a numbers game. Only a small percent are going to invest so we need more names – a lot more. You can search Medium and find a few lists online.  Some have email addresses, most do not. You start asking around for lists from friends and they share some with you.  Some of the lists are up to date but many are over a year old.

Now what?

At TEN Capital we have over 5000 investors in our network so we can give you access to more investors. We can introduce your deal to those investors interested in your type of deal. That doesn’t mean they will write a check for $1M in a few weeks, but now you know who you are targeting and you can start the work of building a relationship with the investor.

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Hall T. Martin is the founder of TEN Capital and a builder of entrepreneur ecosystems by startup funding through angel networks, funding portals, syndicates, and more Connect with him about fundraising, business growth, and emerging technologies