How to Invest in Startups: Learn From Other Investors

2min read How to Invest in Startups: Learn From Other Investors

As an investor, I helped launch three angel networks in Texas. In the process, I set up training programs, attended conferences, and talked with many other investors. Hearing and speaking to other investors was a wonderful learning tool. One of the best resources I found was a podcast by Frank Peters. Frank was an angel investor from the Tech Coast Angels in southern California.

The Frank Peters Show

Frank interviewed every angel, VC, and startup in the southern California community. After that, he later ran interviews across the US and worldwide. He ultimately recorded over 450 episodes which he posted on the web. As I drove my car, I listened to many podcasts and heard from angel investors about how they invested, their investment thesis, and the lessons they learned from the process.

I recommend listening to podcasts that focus on startup funding. Podcasts are an excellent tool for learning from experts in the field. Some of my favorites are Jason Calacanis: Angel Podcast, Patrick O’Shaughnessy: Invest like the Best, and my podcast, Investor Connect.  

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