How to Invest at an Opportune Time

1 min read How does one know How to Invest at an Opportune Time? As an investor, you want to monitor the progress of the business. We’re looking for how fast they are iterating on the business and how well they do with customers. After you are convinced this is a business you want to invest in, you look for an opportune time to invest. Some companies are moving from one-time raises to ongoing raises in which the company takes the funding at any time, while others run discrete fundraise campaigns, and when the goal is met, the fundraise is closed. For recurring revenue businesses, you have the choice of raising a little at a time ongoing, and you don’t necessarily need a large cash infusion to keep the lights on in the office. As an investor, you can approach the company and make your interest clear. It’s often the case that the company can accept you at the last round of terms because the note is still open. The message here is “just ask.” Read more on the TEN Capital eGuide: How to Invest in a Startup
Hall T. Martin is the founder and CEO of the TEN Capital Network. TEN Capital has been connecting startups with investors for over ten years. You can connect with Hall about fundraising, business growth, and emerging technologies via LinkedIn or email:
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