How to Build a Pitch Deck

The Goal of the Pitch Deck

What Your Pitch Deck Should Do

A pitch deck is a brief presentation that provides your audience with an overview of your business. Ideally, the deck should answer any questions an investor might have.

The basic goal of the pitch deck is to introduce your deal to an investor. Additionally, the pitch deck should also serve as a way to show exactly what is essential to an investor who may be considering an investment in your startup.

What a pitch deck is not is a means to explain the full history of your company. It is also not a means to explain how your product works.

Tips for Pitch Deck Success

After you’ve made your pitch, be sure to schedule a follow-up meeting with the investor.

Good pitch decks show:

  1. What you are doing within your given sector.
  2. What opportunities there are to grow more with funding.

An ideal pitch showcases the proposed outcome of the business is going to happen with or without the investor.

In other words, your pitch deck should show that the outcome is inevitable.

Inevitability comes from one key factor:
The team you have knows what theyare doing. This team should be committed to the business and well on their way to success.

Ideally, you want to use your pitch deck to show potential investors that the results are there. Put those results up for everyone to see and show them what you have accomplished so far.
he slides of your deck serve as the presenter,not the other way around.

You are the presentation. The slides are the presenter.

When pitching, avoid discussing multiple scenarios. Investors will find it difficult to keep track of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Most importantly, focus on the core message:

  • It’s one product
  • It’s one team
  • It’s one market
  • It’s one fundraise
  • It’s one outcome

How to Build a Pitch Deck