• The TEN Capital funding program introduces your deal to its network of 7000 accredited investors including angels, family offices, high net worth investors, and venture capitalists.
  • We take your pitch deck and build out a short mailer from me to the investor introducing your deal with some key highlights.
  • We’ll share an investor worksheet with you that we’ll use to place all investors we’re contacting and their responses to your deal.
  • For those investors who respond positively we will follow up with a series of mailers to showcase your team and your progress including sales, team, product, IP, and fundraise updates.
  • In addition to email updates we also hold monthly events around the US in which you can meet investors personally and pitch your startup.

We charge $1195/month with no backend fees which provides you the following

  • Access to over 7000 accredited investors (angels, VCs, HNI, family offices) in sectors including Tech, Healthcare, Consumer product Goods.
  • TEN Capital’s Investor Marketing tools including
  • Warm introduction to investors,
  • Mailer service (we develop the mailers for you),
  • CRM metrics (opens, engagements, etc)
  • Name and email of prospective investors following your deal.
  • Access to our Dataroom for sharing your due diligence docs with potential investors
  • No contracts — month to month commitment only.
  • No backend fees

Benefits of the TEN funding process

  • 10 years of funding experience.
  • Strong track record for investors (40X return).
  • Established fundaising program through TEN Funding portal.
  • Strong network of investors, advisors, and providers.
  • Saves you time and gives you more investor contacts.
  • Most campaigns run 3 to 6 months as investors have their due diligence process to run.
  • When you’re ready to start, we’ll send you a signup email and then we’ll start work on your mailer to the investors. We’ll have you approve it before sending it out.
  • For those who have a pitch deck ready to go, we can begin investor engagement immediately. For those who need to work on their deck and other documents, we can help you.
  • We have helped many companies raise funding. In fact our entrepreneurs have raised over $504M. These companies include: Elevate K-12, Seismos, Olono, Remedy, and others.