TEN Capital helps you build out your investor documents, your campaign, and then makes warm introductions to investors.

How TEN Capital works?

  • The TEN Capital Network has over 7000 accredited investors including angels, high net worth individuals, family offices and venture capital investors seeking to invest in quality pre revenue companies.
  • TEN Capital introduces your company to accredited investors in our network.
  • Our investors can write checks from $500K and upwards.
  • TEN charges a monthly fee with no back-end fees or carry.
  • TEN helps prepare the business, the investor documents and the campaign as well as setup investor meetings and make personal introductions.

Challenges in Raising Funding

As a startup you face challenges in raising your funding.
  • Raising your Series B round of funding can be challenging.
  • The stakes are higher – the investors are new and different.
  • The growth stage funding process requires finding new investors
  • You need access to venture capital, angels, high net worth investors and others.


TEN Capital can extend your fundraise to a new network of accredited investors.
  • 10 years of funding experience.
  • Successful track record for investors (40X return).
  • Established fundraising program through TEN Funding portal.
  • Strong network of investors, advisors, and providers.
  • TEN has over 5000 investors in the network
  • TEN saves you time by sourcing the investors for your deal.


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Success Stories

Elevate K-12, Olono, Series X, BitMED, Seismos are just
a few of the companies who used TEN Capital to help raise funding.

$2500 per month to run a campaign.

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