Funding as a Service for Investors

TEN Capital offers a Funding as a Service for Investors program including deal-flow, deal syndication, webinar hosting, portfolio updates, marketing, and back-office support. The investor can also meet with startups directly in one-on-one phone calls or through online events.

TEN Capital provides the best ROI in fundraising, and is not a broker/dealer or crowdfunding platform.

Looking for more exposure for your venture capital firm?

Do you want to raise awareness for your group for fundraising and deal-flow?

Running a venture fund is time-consuming for the general partner. You have to raise funding, source deals, complete your due diligence, and negotiate investments. On top of all that, you have to build a brand and grow your network.

That said, expanding your branding and increasing awareness for your fund is crucial, especially in an increasingly online world.

The program positions your fund or group as a thought leader in the industry and keeps the community up-to-date with the following:

  • Blog posts and podcast interviews on thought leadership
  • Quarterly newsletters on performance and updates
  • Press releases, Contributed news articles, Social media postings
  • Podcast interviews with the Team, Partners, and Portfolio companies

TEN Capital has worked with an extensive list of venture capital firms and understands the importance of presenting a high profile. This is best done through showcasing your Investment thesis, portfolio companies, and capturing your thought leadership in blog posts, podcasts, and webinars.

We bring a content database of over 1500 blog posts, podcasts, and social media materials to choose from, and we have a team that can help you create your own. Our content covers early-stage funding and investing, and comes in short and long-form. We also have a database of over 70K startups and counting.

We’ve helped several firms find more Limited Partners to join their fund through building out the investor collateral and positioning firms for better deal-flow and increased fundraises.

TEN Capital provides financial back-office support on the following:

  • Portfolio tracking
  • Special Purpose Vehicles creation and management
  • Fund administration

The program provides operational back office-support on the following:

  • Deal-flow sourcing
  • Deal-flow screening
  • Deal-flow analysis
  • Education sessions on the basics of startup investing and sector analysis for your investor network
  • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly newsletters
  • Press Release generation and placement
  • Portfolio management with portfolio updates quarterly
  • Quarterly report updates and mailers
  • Build and mail industry-related newsletter by sector and geography
  • Portfolio company news and jobs
  • Assistance in setting up your own fund
  • Limited Partners to invest in your fund
  • Additional accredited investors to invest in your portfolio companies
  • Additional investors for your syndicate or angel group