Funding as a Service for Investors

TEN Capital offers a Funding as a Service for Investors program including deal-flow, deal syndication, webinar hosting, portfolio updates, marketing, and back-office support. The investor can also meet with startups directly in one-on-one phone calls or through online events.

TEN Capital provides the best ROI in fundraising, and is not a broker/dealer or crowdfunding platform.

The program positions your fund or group as a thought leader in the industry and keeps the community up-to-date with the following:

  • Blog posts and podcast interviews on thought leadership
  • Quarterly newsletters on performance and updates
  • Press releases, Contributed news articles, Social media postings
  • Podcast interviews with the Team, Partners, and Portfolio companies

TEN Capital provides financial back-office support on the following:

  • Portfolio tracking
  • Special Purpose Vehicles creation and management
  • Fund administration

The program provides operational back office-support on the following:

  • Deal-flow sourcing
  • Deal-flow screening
  • Deal-flow analysis
  • Education sessions on the basics of startup investing and sector analysis for your investor network
  • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly newsletters
  • Press Release generation and placement
  • Portfolio management with portfolio updates quarterly
  • Quarterly report updates and mailers
  • Build and mail industry-related newsletter by sector and geography
  • Portfolio company news and jobs
  • Assistance in setting up your own fund
  • Limited Partners to invest in your fund
  • Additional accredited investors to invest in your portfolio companies
  • Additional investors for your syndicate or angel group