Funding as a Service for Companies

Many startups need funding and look for startup investors for equity. There are many sources including Angels, Venture Capital, and Family Offices.

TEN Capital is a Funding as a Service company that helps startups identify these investors, gain an introduction, pitch their deal, and follow up with updates and progress, and finally close with their diligence box

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Features & Benefits of the TEN Capital Program

  • Over 14,000 accredited investors including Venture Capital, Family Offices, and Angel Investors
  • Access to investors through webinars and bi-monthly events across the US
  • Email introductions and updates to investor network
  • Assistance with key documents for the fundraise including pitch decks, data rooms, and term sheets
    Coaching on the fundraise process
  • Transparency on interested and engaged investors as well as mailing metrics

TEN is ideal for those who:

  • Have raised some funding already
  • Need access to new investors
  • Have a growth story regarding traction with sales, team, product, and fundraising
  • Need assistance with key documents for the fundraise including pitch decks, data rooms, and term sheets
  • Are willing to provide consistent content and updates for their campaign and regularly participate in webinars and pitch events
  • Have a legal US entity or are moving to the US in the next 2 months

TEN is NOT ideal for those who:

  • Seek basic company building
  • Have no revenue and/or growth story
  • Need funding in 30 days or less
  • Are not able to regularly participate in the program or follow up with investors

Frequently Asked Questions About Funding as a Service

We receive many questions from entrepreneurs trying to
figure out if TEN Capital is right for them.

What is the TEN Campaign Score

The campaign score is used as a measure of a company’s progress in our program and as a goal for achieving as much engagement as possible. The companies that achieve a campaign score of 100+ have a 90% success rate of receiving funding through our program.

The point breakdown is as follows:

  • Events & Webinars –10
  • Introductions to Investors –10
  • Campaign Mailers –5
  • Selected Closing Date –2
  • Completed Term Sheet –2
  • Engagements/Followers –0.5

Successful clients are proactive in engaging with the campaign. They are able to provide regular updates to the network, attend as many events as possible, and record an Investor Connect podcast. The clients who are able to fund their raise typically have a minimum of $500K in total revenue and have an exciting product to show.

Clients who recently raised funding:

  • FreshLime -115
  • BrainJuice -120
  • RageOn! -114
  • Cardi/o -277
  • Augustine Surgical -120
  • AppBrilliance -122
  • WellDog -131
  • BlueStar SeniorTech -122