Funding as a Service for Companies

Many startups need funding and look for startup investors for equity. There are many sources including Angels, Venture Capital, and Family Offices.

TEN Capital is a Funding as a Service company that helps startups identify these investors, gain an introduction, pitch their deal, and follow up with updates and progress, and finally close with their diligence box

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Features & Benefits of the TEN Capital Program

  • Over 12,000 accredited investors including Venture Capital, Family Offices, and Angel Investors
  • Access to investors through webinars and bi-monthly events across the US
  • Email introductions and updates to investor network
  • Assistance with key documents for the fundraise including pitch decks, data rooms, and term sheets
    Coaching on the fundraise process
  • Transparency on interested and engaged investors as well as mailing metrics

TEN is ideal for those who:

  • Are already raising funding and need access to new investors
  • Have raised some funding already
  • Have a growth story regarding traction with sales, team, product, and fundraising
  • Assistance with key documents for the fundraise including pitch decks, data rooms, and term sheets
  • Are willing to provide consistent content and updates for their campaign and regularly participate in webinars and pitch events
  • Have a US legal entity or are moving to the US in the next 2 months

TEN is NOT ideal for those who:

  • Seek basic company building
  • Have no growth story
  • Need funding in 30 days or less
  • Are not able to regularly participate in the program or follow up with investors

Frequently Asked Questions About Funding as a Service

We receive many questions from entrepreneurs trying to
figure out if TEN Capital is right for them.

What is the TEN Campaign Score

The campaign score is used as a measure of a company’s progress in our program and as a goal for achieving as much engagement as possible by sending update mailers, pitching at our webinars and pitch events, recording an interview on Investor Connect, and having a strong deal that encourages introductions to investors. The companies that achieve a campaign score of 100+ have a 90% success rate of receiving funding through our program.

The point breakdown is as follows:

  • Events & Webinars –10
  • Introductions to Investors –5
  • Introduction & Update Mailers –5
  • Ask for Investment Mailer –7
  • Select Closing Date –2
  • Ask for Investment Mailer –7
  • Provide Term Sheet –2
  • Closing Mailer –5
  • Post-Ask Updates –2
  • Engagements/Followers –0.5

Successful clients send out two mailers per month and attend 1-2 events per month and record an Investor Connect podcast. The clients who are able to fund their raise typically have a minimum of $500K in total revenue and have an exciting product to show.

Our clients who recently raised funding and their
campaign scores:

  • FreshLime -115
  • BrainJuice -120
  • RageOn! -114
  • Cardi/o -277
  • Augustine Surgical -120
  • AppBrilliance -122
  • WellDog -131
  • BlueStar SeniorTech -122