Company Spotlight: Edgecase

Edgecase is redesigning the way product data is looked at in the massive ecommerce market. Creating a unique shopping experience with their ability to combine big data with Product Intelligence Platform. By combining these two elements they are able to do away with retailers missing over 50% of the product data that they believe is fueling their ecommerce sites. Retailers then invest heavily in many of these products to only fail to represent the effective fashions that shoppers are looking for. Edgecase is now resolving this gap through their innovative solution.

Creating and maintaining quality product attribute data is a main challenge to almost all retailers. Product data can be drawn from multiple sources and come across from various platforms. Keeping up with the growing big data is what most retailers are able to do but, Edgecase is changing this by allowing retailers to be more strategic and engage in better dialogue with the consumers. With improving product data and making it more understandable for the consumer, each party becomes more helpful to one another creating a better experience on both ends.

Edgecase is the first platform technology solution to solve this data challenge by combining machine intelligence with innovative crowd management to cleanse and enrich product data at scale. Product Intelligence Platform delivers world-class product data enrichment at a fraction of the cost and time found in other labor intensive, error prone alternatives. Edgecase is generating exceptional ROI for leading brands such as HSN, Pier1 Imports, L’Oreal, Crate&Barrel and The MensWearhouse.

Currently they are pursuing a $5M investment to help accelerate their sales and marketing in order to quadruple their bookings for the following year. They are looking for investors for experience in the retail sector, an appreciation for the power of data and the ability to lead a round with participation from current investors.

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