TEN Capital helps startup and growth companies as well as micro VCs raise funding through its extensive network of accredited investors. TEN’s fundraise program includes investor introductions, an email campaign with updates, pitch events, podcast interviews, and assistance with investment closing.

Startup & Growth Company Funding

$640M Raised to Date


Blockchain Company Funding

Blockchain Company Funding

TEN has an extensive network of accredited investors who can fund your Blockchain company including Security Token Offerings, Pre-ICO, Investor sales, and Crowdsales. Blockchain is the next major innovation and investors are looking for quality teams and strong businesses.

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TEN Capital Funding Programs

Price $1195/month $2500/month
Program is ideal for Seed/Growth Scale
With annual revenue of >$0 $1M+ annual
Email Introductions to investors
Access to every Startup-Investor Engagement Series hosted in various cities across the country
Investment Document Templates
TEN Match Technology
Investor Connect Podcast
Investor Engagement Database
Due Diligence Box Template
Investor Follow up Calls
Investor Follow up Meetings N
Access to Series B investors N
Ability to review and pre-approve investors before contacting N
Private investor engagement event with local investors N
Assistance with Pitch deck redesign N

Are you a Fit for the TEN Capital program?

Clients who are successful in the TEN Capital Fundraise Program will:

  • Have a growth story in progress (sales, team, product, fundraise are in motion)
  • Have revenue
  • Are able to travel to the Engagement Series events to meet the investors
  • Engage the TEN Capital campaign process and follow it carefully


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How Fundable are You?

Where are you on the fund raise journey?

Investors look at a multitude of aspects of a business before considering investment.

How does your business stack up on these criteria?

We have developed a Venture Funding Calculator which will provide a quantitative score of how venture investors including venture capital, angels, and family offices will value your deal based on the team, product, revenue model, value proposition, exit potential and other characteristics of the startup.

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TEN Capital Network assists startups with their fundraise in the tech, healthcare and consumer product goods sectors, as well as funds seeking funds.

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