How does the program work?

The TEN Capital Network Program helps you prepare and then introduce your deal to our network of accredited investors.

Our Programs

Crowdfunding Prep
Crowdfunding Launch
Dedicated Team Member Check Check Check Check Check
Mailer campaign to TEN Investor Network Check Check Check N/A Check
Email Introductions to interested Investors Check Check Check N/A Check
Regular Campaign Stats and Updates Check Check Check Check Check
Investment Document Templates Check Check Check Check Check
Personal, Targeted Investor Outreach Check Check Check N/A Check
Access to Series B Investors Cross Check Check N/A N/A
Investor Connect Podcast Interview Cross Check Check Cross Check
Investor Pitch Presentations Cross Check Check Cross Check
Due Diligence Box Template & Review Cross Check Check Check Check
Investor Docs Design Cross Check Check Check Check
Investor Pre-Approval Cross Cross Check Cross Check
Private Investor Pitches Cross Cross Check Cross Check
Content Creation Cross Cross Check Check Check
CF Landing Page creation N/A N/A N/A Check Check
Digital Marketing Cross Additional Ad Spend Fee Additional Ad Spend Fee Additional Ad Spend Fee Additional Ad Spend Fee

* All TEN Capital Programs require a 3-month commitment, after which you may choose to continue the program for a month-to-month subscription model that you may cancel at any time.

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Are You a Fit for TEN?

TEN is ideal for those who:

  • Need access to new investors
  • Have a growth story regarding traction with sales, team, product, and fundraising
  • Are willing to provide consistent content and updates for their campaign and regularly participate in webinars and pitch events
  • Have a legal US entity or are moving to the US in the next 2 months

TEN is NOT ideal for those who:

  • Seek basic company building
  • Have no revenue and/or no growth story
  • Are not able to regularly participate in the program or follow up with investors
  • Do not have a legal US entity

TEN Capital for Crowdfunding

TEN Capital can can help you prepare your equity crowdfunding campaign with the following services:

  • Select the right crowdfunding platform(s)
  • Set funding goals with milestones to achieve.
  • Set up a promotions budget
  • Outline the plan for updates every two weeks — what news to post and when
  • Website review (most investors will research your deal by visiting your website)
  • Update your profile in investor databases such as Crunchbase and others.

What is Funding as a Service?

Raising funding can be time-consuming.

TEN Capital is a Funding as a Service platform that facilitates investor introductions with documentation preparation, emailing campaigns, investor follow-ups, events, and other activities that help startups engage with investors for their capital raise.

In short, we provide the leg-work, saving you time and money.


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How Fundable are You?

TEN Capital has created a series of calculators to help you see how your startup compares to industry standards.

You can discover if you are ready for funding, see how your deal will be seen by investors, learn how to set the price for your next raise or exit, or calculate how much TEN Capital can save you on your fundraising campaign.

Feel free to try out our calculators and contact us if you would like to discuss your fundraise.