Chris Rawlings of JudoLaunch

When Chris Rawlings started Judolaunch his goal was to find the best ways to sell more on Amazon. Since then, Chris and Judolaunch have grown to help a tribe of more than 250 companies and sellers launch more than 1,000 products on Amazon.

Whether you are just starting your Amazon journey or you are an Amazon business veteran, Judolaunch is here to help you create the optimal product listings, automate seller account, boost product ranking – all in order to increase sales on every Amazon marketplace.

Excerpts from the interview:

Chris shares his background before JudoLaunch- Chris started his career in the technical field. Chris talks about his self-described obsession with the universe, math, and what things are made of. This led him to study physics in college.

After completing his degree, Chris then went into the solar industry. From there he started an e-commerce business selling spinal health products direct to consumer. This essentially led him to Judolaunch, the platform that enables Amazon sellers to launch new products and increase sales for existing products in every major market.

Chris also shares his thoughts on how we are headed towards e-commerce first or e-commerce only, not as a supplement to physical retail.

Listen to the full episode with Chris Rawlings

You can find JudoLaunch at

Chris can be reached on LinkedIn at

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