TEN Capital’s Advisor Program exists to help startups and growth companies accelerate sales traction, focus the business model, complete the team, develop strategy, plus much more.

Who is a TEN Capital Advisor?

TEN Capital Advisors are passionate people in C-Level positions, Executives, and experts in their fields.

These experienced CEOs and entrepreneurial executives provide mentorship to TEN Capital clients by working with them as an advisor.

Our Advisors are experts in Tech, Healthcare, Consumer Product Goods, Food & Beverage, and Energy.

How Does it Work for Startups?

Step 1

Join the TEN Capital Advisory program just before you are ready to raise funding

Step 2

TEN connects you with advisors who provide relevant eConsults to help solve your immediate problems

Step 3

As a TEN Capital client, you have access to advisors for ongoing projects

How Does it Work for Advisors?

Join the TEN Advisory group at no cost

TEN sends relevant opportunities to review

TEN facilitates the introduction between the startup and the advisor

Advisors typically provde up to five hours of support each month in the form of extended phone calls and/or 1:1 meetings

Typical advisor contracts last one year with the option of renewing under an equity or cash compensation model


Want to Become a TEN Capital Advisor?

Fill out the form below and a TEN Capital team member will be in touch to discuss your interest level.

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Advisors are crucial to the success of startups. They help augment the management team and can burnish the reputation of the company. In fundraising, the existence of an advisory board can help close the fund raise.

If you’re interested in joining our program as an advisor simply fill out the short form here and we’ll be in touch!

Companies looking to take part in the advisory program must be enrolled in the TEN Capital Funding Program. To find out more, sign up here.