5 Signs you Invested in the Right Startup

1 min read  Five Signs You Invested in the Right Startup

Several signs indicate the investor invested in the proper startup, which is my top five.

The startup is:

  1. Focused on core products and processes— you see a strong focus on the core product/service, and everyone is pushing in the same direction.
  2. Revenue and results— the team focused on revenue and solid results, not secondary metrics such as likes on Facebook or user downloads.
  3. Customer-focused— the team is more worried about what their customers think than their competitors think.
  4. Numbers— the leadership knows their numbers well, including sales, cash spend, and runway.
  1. Updates and information— you receive updates and news that include destructive and good communication. 

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Hall T. Martin is the founder and CEO of the TEN Capital Network. TEN Capital has been connecting startups with investors for over ten years. You can connect with Hall about fundraising, business growth, and emerging technologies via LinkedIn or email: hallmartin@tencapital.group

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